Hotel Garland  


Katja Katush Ise Hebi

Hotel Proprietor,
Dipl. Holistic Counsellor,
West Coast College of Healing Arts, B.C., Canada
Member of Greenpeace


Crest of Hebi 1567

Katja Katush Ise Hebi has harboured the desire to practice "holistic medicine" for more than 10 years since finishing her studies in Canada.
The question poses itself:
Why did Ms Hebi let her concept back then drop?

The idea of holistic medicine already existed and was partly in place, yet its historical, social position was not yet ready to be recognised.

As a result, all these years GARLAND has remained a cosmopolitan 3-star hotel managed with a loving hand. A unique property set in wonderful parkland.

She never forgot the basic idea of hilistic medicine, to which she committed herself. The time is rupe for a change...

A place for fantastic experiences relating to

BODY & MIND disciplines

Make the most of the tremendous and natural potential of GARLAND and conduct your valuable seminars to increase awareness and recovery of the SELF right here.

(Source Gesundheit! SW No. 12 March 2010)

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